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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What is an On Ground or Semi Inground Pool

An On Ground or Semi Inground Pool is a pool that is installed half way in the ground. There are various reasons why people choose to install their pool half way in the ground. A few reasons include a slopping backyard and cost (as it is more expensive to dig a bigger hole for an inground pool). Canadian Pool Wholesalers carries the King Edward pool that can be installed as an Onground or Semi Inground Pool. It is the most durable pool on the market and can be installed by the Do It Yourselfer. Once the ground is prepped and leveled, the pool can be installed in an afternoon. In addition, the King Edward can also be installed as an Inground Pool.

Many people have also chosen the Semi Inground pool since it is not as expensive as a Traditional Inground Pool that costs approx $30,000. In addition, people have also thought that they can not bury a Semi Inground Pool. Our King Edward pool is made of Aluminum with the strongest walls, that has been built to be able to be installed in the ground and comes with an amazing warranty package.

Our King Edward Pool - the semi inground pool that you can install as an INGROUND OR SEMI INGROUND POOL!